Far Out Friday: How do you insure “Game of Thrones” characters, when all men must die?

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In a world where no one is safe from death, dismemberment, or destitution, who would be willing to extend life insurance coverage to some of the most powerful members of the ruling class?

That’s the question asked when considered the costs of insuring some of the characters in HBO’s popular series, “Game of Thrones.”

A life insurance provider assessed some of the risks and calculated the costs in a light-hearted look at underwriting.
Here are some of some findings:

Daenerys Targaryen
“Daenerys would need to take out some coverage for her in case one of her beloved dragons turns on her, as well as psychiatric coverage if she succumbs to the Targaryen madness.

The 21-year old’s biggest risks were noted as dragons and regicide. The rightful Queen of the Andals has proven her resilience and was estimated to cost $55 a month to insure.

Tyrion Lannister
“It is recommend that Lannister should go for a private health-insurance policy with full inpatient cover for injuries and a worldwide travel option while he’s in Meereen.

Tyrion’s lifestyle of vice was seen as a greater risk, it is estimated it would cost $88 a month to cover him. The exiled heir to Lannisport faces great danger in a foreign land – and health complications related to his frequenting of brothels.

Cersei Lannister
“Cersei should look for private health insurance with access to the exclusive hospitals in King’s Landing”. “She should add Jaime on to it, though they’ll need reminding he can’t be listed as her spouse.” Cersei’s greatest risk comes from possible assassination attempts. While she has survived this long, it would be inadvisable to sell her life insurance for her family members.

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